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From the Views menu, choose Expert Mode, or press CTRL+X. Expert mode You can use keyboard shortcuts to display the command panel, or toolbars and tab panel. For the most part, you'll find the tools you need on the quad menu, which is always accessible with a right-click. Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts As you develop your own techniques and practices, you may want to customize your keyboard shortcuts. There are lots of things in 3ds max you are going to do over and over again, and it’s nice to be able to just press a key and have it happen.

In the New Modeling Tools tutorial, you will learn about these tools: Vertex Weld modifier Symmetry modifier New Editable Poly tools New Soft Selection controls HSDS modifier Edit Normal modifier In the New Animation Tools tutorial, you will learn about: Animating with Set Key. Bone creation and editing. Spline IK. Pose-to-pose animation using Curve Editor. Character assemblies, skin pose, and Merge Animation. Mirroring IK. Also, see the following for more new animation features: Using Dope Sheet Mode, Using Weighted List Controllers, and Morphing the Knight.

Model a planet and moons. Model an asteroid. Modeling an Apple You'll model an apple using Taper and Displace modifiers. Model an apple. Modeling a Chess Set In this series of lessons, you will learn to create objects using a variety of techniques. You'll model the pawn by creating a 2D spline and applying a Lathe modifier. The bishop and rook are created with soft selection and Booleans. Modeling the knight will teach you to model using splines and surface modifiers. Model a chess set. Modeling a Claw You'll model a claw using Editable Poly, MeshSmooth, and MultiRes modifiers.

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