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By Ernest Alfred Wallace Budge

Because the first donations of Egyptian artefacts to the Fitzwilliam Museum, together with the sarcophagus lid of Rameses III donated in 1823, its historic Egyptian holdings have grown progressively. This assortment, now essentially the most very important in Britain, used to be catalogued for the 1st time via Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857-1934) of the British Museum's division of antiquities. Budge used to be a number one authority on historical Egypt and had himself bought numerous items for the museum in Egypt in 1886-7. the gathering as indexed during this 1893 book integrated 577 gadgets: sarcophagi, coffins, canopic jars, mummies, scarabs, sculptures, and different ornamental gadgets. Budge supplied transcriptions and translations of the hieroglyphs that seem at the gadgets together with his descriptions of every merchandise. even though the gathering has been augmented via many extra presents and purchases, Budge's catalogue continues to be a priceless list of the gathering within the past due Victorian interval.

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Ra, holding / \ , [ and j enthroned in a shrine in a boat, being rowed across the sky over the folds of the serpent of darkness, Apepi, which Horus, " the avenger of his father, great god, lord of Amenta,"2 is piercing with a spear. Over the back of the boat J\ A Hi I A III J j l l l , I II , ^i=, Oof J D 0 INNER COFFIN OF NESI-PA-UR-SHEF. 47 are seated, 1, the cynocephalus ape of Thoth J Q , wearing disk and crescent, 2, the god Shu y p ^ j \\, and 3, the god r-^ 1 Over the shrine is the winged disk ^ H £ E P .

En Amen-Ra Heru-xuti maa - ten su x^-u acclamations to Amen-Rd Harmachis [when] see ye him diademed em in uaa - f boat his. M> \\ Heru-xuti Harmachis em in anxut'asenb er t'etta sep sen ta - k pest'- k life, strength, and health for ever and for ever.

With double mendt (w(w » offerings, and winged ut'at. "4 On the right hand is Anubis seated, y m . and on the left is the god Chepera,6 the great god, the " self-produced," beetle-headed. a CJ i | ] ] I Nut urt mest neteru. " A^^

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