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By Ann Macy Roth, Peter Der Manuelian, William Kelly Simpson

Within the latter a part of the 5th Dynasty the necropolis that surrounded the Fourth Dynasty pyramids of Giza back grew to become a well-liked web site for the tombs of Memphite officers. a specific cluster of those mastaba tombs used to be excavated among 1936 and 1939 by way of George Andrew Reisner. many of the tomb chapels have been came across to be embellished; others had anterooms with courtyards and porticoes. all the inscribed tombs bore a name which Roth interprets as "palace attendant". This booklet offers the artifactual, iconographic and architectural result of the excavation in elements. the 1st covers the structure of the cluster as an entire; the second one compares info of the person tombs, and an in depth index lists mastabas, own names, and Egyptian phrases, words, titles and epithets. this can be a big examine, which leaves no Gizan stone unturned.

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Vertical joints can be angled, though usually not more than 15º. Walls of u-masonry vary considerably in their degree of finish; in some walls, the faces of the blocks protrude less than a centimeter beyond the joints, while other walls extend 5 cm or more beyond that point. Only a single mastaba, 2230, exhibited w-masonry, which is a battered rather than a stepped facade, distinguished by very large, very roughly finished blocks. As in u-masonry, the horizontal joints are level, and only occasionally stepped; but vertical joints seem to be more consistently vertical.

5 The distinctions between these five types depend upon the type of chapel: vii = chapel type (4); viii = chapel types (5), (6), (7), and apparently (10); ix = chapel type (8); x = chapel types (9) and apparently (11c); and xi = chapel type (9d). The lower case letter following the basic type corresponds to the type of facing masonry: a = w-masonry (battered, built of oversized blocks), b = zmasonry (stepped facing), and c = u-masonry (battered, built of normal sized blocks). The parenthetical number is one in all cases except for that of mastaba 2097, where it is omitted altogether.

These include shafts 2085 d, 2094 a, 2095 j, 2095 x, 2097c b, 2097c c, and the serdab of 2097c. Errors in the Floroff plan include the interior angles of Serdabs 2 and 3 of 2097, the dimensions of the chapel of 2089, the omission of a jog in the wall enclosing the outside court of 2086, and a rubble-built structure of uncertain date along the southern face of 2091. The mastabas and their shafts are given the same numbers and letters as on Floroff ’s plan, except for 2095' and 2097', which are newly numbered.

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