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By Bentley Layton

This paintings through Bentley Layton is a newly revised, 3rd variation of the traditional reference grammar of Coptic within the classical Sahidic dialect. in comparison to the former version, A Coptic Grammar comprises new additions and corrections, and keeps a whole index locorum of examples brought up within the grammar. Citations are the spine of any reference grammar, and this index supplies readers speedy entry to a grammatical dialogue of approximately 3 thousand citations of classical Coptic. in particular noteworthy is the huge use of citations from the prestigious Coptic stylist Shenoute of Atripe.

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L ,,,,,f OV<[ one room. Fbl . n:h u",d to 11I ppOrt ",ul". ". reJ poJntod V, ullc J cm ril ul , A" h uf brick... Dome roof. ". Curnel uf h" der>. Location Bonds Used Ahusir: Djadjaemankh AJ Userkaf-enkh Princesses tombs Small Vl th Dyn. S 13 x 7 Brick casing. Suqqara : (TeH area) Khui Desi M, rn Mast aba A Mastaba E Kaem senu dl A l cd l A2 A2 AJ A2 AJ Kaemheset Anonymou s tomb N. E. m Fake b onding in plaster. Taft mortar. Squa re bricks for pillars. A2 A3 52-3 x 26x 19 Al AJ Arches of type cl.

The de tail s of this arran gement can be seen in the secti on in Fig. 18. TIle vault was coated ex ternally with mud , and srccc beneath a small mastaba. J 8 Section uf N. • • ", N. 781 and N. 787. 787. In bo th tombs the co rbelling rests on the bric k lining of th e pit, and m uch mud-plac e coven the brickwor k. 111e de tails of the brick arrangement arc shown in Fig. 19 , where the corbelling is shown to be of he aders. 781 , the vault is topp ed by two laye rs of br ick on ed ge. laid straight across the radiating below.

13 S. 136. 30 Fig. 19 Sections orx. 781 and S . 20 Sections of N 985. lil 'v Some of the t ombs at Naga ed-Der in the Fourth and Fifth Dynasti es replace th e corbelling seen in the exa mples described above by tru e vaulting. 578- 9, 790 , 792 and 994. e. ty pe x I ). 79 2 was rather irregular; it used two stretchers combined with two bricks on edge to fill up the space. 14 2 Over the arched roof was a coating o f mud. In grave 99 4 , the vault had been o f two co urses. /7 7'" f a single layer of brick on ed ge as a springing.

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