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By Jon G. Hughes

A realistic consultant to making plant extracts, essences, and complexes to be used in Druidic intercourse magic rituals

• Explores the id, harvesting, and magical houses of greater than 70 vegetation and timber
• information the cautious and meticulous spagyric guidance of plant extracts and complexes
• Demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in Druidic intercourse magic rituals by means of either and teams

In this sensible consultant to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes finds the mild alchemy of changing plant essences into powerful compounds for operating intercourse magic rituals. interpreting the id, harvesting, and magical houses of greater than 70 vegetation and timber, he info the cautious and meticulous spagyric instruction of plant extracts and complexes in addition to the method of acquiring or developing appropriate alcoholic spirits for the bottom of those arrangements. He contains directions to make all priceless instruments and explores how you can organize your self to paintings with plant essences and correctly use the paranormal compounds you create.

Hughes explains tips on how to liberate the energies, therapeutic attributes, and magical capacities of flora and timber throughout the respectful seduction of a plant’s advantage and the 3-step spagyric strategy of separation, purification, and reunification. He exhibits how the spagyric technique maximizes the ability of the obtained essence in guidance for its use in magical ritual. Detailing Druidic intercourse rituals for either a pair and a bunch, Hughes demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in particular magical rituals and practices in addition to the position of the plant complicated in sexual efficiency. Exploring the underlying accord among alchemy and Druidic practices, Hughes presents a useful guide for somebody wishing to harness the mystical capability of plant strength.

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The appeal of this kind of occult knowledge, apparently proceeding from a higher authority, was sufficient to attract many new adherents to the Theosophical Society and retain them in spite of findings that cast doubt on the veracity of Theosophy’s pedigree. Given Madame Blavatsky’s prowess as a spiritualist medium, her unconventional demeanor, and persistent rumors of a notorious past, questions about her authenticity hung over the Theosophical enterprise from the start. Some of its founding claims were tested between  and , however, when the Society for Psychical Research turned its attention to the Theosophical Society and its attendant Mahatmas, miraculous letters, and psychical phenomena.

And in its reworking of the idea of the material world that did not seem so far removed from new discoveries in physics and electromagnetism in the latter part of the century, Theosophy insisted that it was itself scientific. 56 It was not far fetched in the context of the times to think that science and religion might still be compatible, and neither did it seem extraordinary to expect that Theosophy could provide the reconciliation of science and religion that many Victorians so desired. Blavatsky’s confident assumption that she could illuminate a middle way in the “death-grapple of Science with Theology” was therefore less arrogant and idiosyncratic than it appears.

Instead of Buddhism, Gautama’s religious philoso-  / Chapter One phy. 48 Part of the lure of the occult was, no doubt, its close association with secret traditions and claims to spiritual authority that rested on the transmission of ancient wisdom from mysterious and hidden high Adepts. 50 But Madame Blavatsky’s Mahatmas, subsequently appropriated by Sinnett in his own bid for spiritual authority, were vital to the legitimization of the esoteric tradition imparted in Theosophical teachings. Blavatsky herself, like spiritualist mediums before her, claimed that her words were inspired by her spiritual guides, in this case her Tibetan Masters.

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