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The expedition had failed largely through the INVASION OF ARABIA 21 ignorance or Incapacity of the prefect, who had wasted and forces by an unnecessarily long" voyage and march. If he had obtained proper information about the country he intended to invade, as he might easily have done from merchants, he could have learnt that the route to be followed was the more southerly one from Berenike to the island Katakekaumene. It was possibly on account of this failure that, in the followhis time FiG. 9.

Trilingual Sitzungsb. d. Kaiserl. Akad, zu Berlin, 1896, p. 469. U. P. I. 45, 46, iL 40; Papyri. R. 224; Petrie, Hawara, p. 36, No. 244; Pap. M. building of Nikopolis Inscriptions. D. Hieroglyphic : : vi. ; ; ; ; 256 d, e, 262, 354. Ostraka. M. E. THE iv. p. 183). deaths of Antony and Cleopatra secured the immediate recognition of Augustus as their successor i. 15 i6 THE FIRST CENTURY and he was thus Rome, leaving* to the prefect the work connected with the settlement by the population of Lower ligypt able to return to greater part of the ; Before his of the country.

M. [no number]; pp. , Nos. 1 6, 22. JEWISH RISING 35 Papyri. U. P. i. M. 154, 181, 280, 281. Miscellaneous. Stele of Nero adoring- Min, from Koptos, Petrie, Koptos, p. 22. 17. A fresh and unusually serious and Jewish factions broke out soon after the accession of Nero. riot of the Greek It was provoked by the expedition of a large body of Egyptian Jews to Palestine, with the object of setting Jerusalem free from Roman rule. The expedition itself was fruitless, but the religious fervour which had inspired it and sent it out, found further vent in a quarrel at Alexandria, where the Jews attacked the amphitheatre in which the Greeks were assembled, alleging the illtreatment of certain of their fellows in justification and, but for the FIG.

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