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By Robert H. Thurston

This choice of literature makes an attempt to assemble some of the vintage, undying works that experience stood the attempt of time and supply them at a discounted, cheap cost, in an enticing quantity in order that every person can take pleasure in them.

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An engine of slightly greater size gave a duty about 5 per cent. greater. When Louis XIV. revoked the edict of Nantes, by which Henry IV. had guaranteed protection to the Protestants of France, the terrible persecutions at once commenced drove from the kingdom some of its greatest men. Among these was Denys Papin. It was at about this time that the influence of the atmospheric pressure on the boiling point began to be observed, Dr. " Dennis Papin was of a family which had attached itself to the Protestant Church; but he was given his education in the school of the Jesuits at Blois, and there acquired his knowledge of mathematics.

Html (39 of 47)10/26/2006 12:30:20 Chapter 1 Denys Papin. given him at Paris, although he probably received his degree at Orleans. He settled in Paris in 1672, with the intention of practicing his profession, and devoted all his spare time, apparently, to the study of physics. Meantime, that distinguished philosopher, Huyghens, the inventor of the clock and of the gunpowder engine, had been induced by the linen draper's apprentice, Colbert, now the most trusted adviser of the king, to take up his residence in Paris, and had been made one of the earliest members of the Academy of Science, which was founded at about that time.

To take service under that monarch, whose gratitude he had earned by revealing a plot for his assassination. He received his appointment in l660, and immediately commenced making experiments, partly at his own expense and partly at the cost of the royal excellency; which were usually not at all remunerative. He built hand fire engines of various kinds, taking patents on them, wllich brought him as small profits as did his work for the king, and invented the speaking trumpet, calculating machines, and a capstan.

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