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Ill, pp. 6<)1-2, 6<)7--<), 701; vol N, W· 27cr81. IS Sibinhyo Ietopisi, p. 367. 33 A HISTORY OF THE PEOPLES OF SIBERIA soldiers usually described as Cossacks in the conquest of Siberia was in reality one of ruthlessness and arbitrary violence. In this context the word 'Cossack' is often used to cover not only Cossacks proper, but also regular soldiers of the state (slre/tsy) and 'men of service' (s/uzhilye /yudi and deti . boyarskiye). Both of these categories, like the Cossacks, expected to sup- ' plement their income with plunder.

Beautifully finished gold belt-plaques and other articles of costume with tigers, wolves, elk, horses, swans, eagles etc. have been found all over 'Scythian' territory from the Sayan to the northern Caucasus and the Crimea. Z61t is generally assumed that the creators of these c:;u1tures were of Indo-European origin. By the first century AD the Sayan region had become the seat of the Turkic Kirgiz people whose name dominated it for the next 1,800 years. The state fonned by these Yenisey Kirgizes reached its zenith in the ninth century AD, when its power extended from Lake Baikal to the Altai.

Passes from the Inner ~. j. Job, 'Notes on Selkup shamanism', in V. Di6szegi and M. Jma, pp. , 373-86; Holmberg, Fi"no-Ugri&, SiberUm, pp. 76, 513, 517-18, 520; Narody Sibiri, pp. 665, 671-'1, 679, 6<)1-'7. izaq to render the back velar consonants. The spelling KiIz8kh is a purely Russian convention to distinguish this name from Kaz4k, which in Russian means 'Cossack'. ak hir eki iichliish tort heshlbes on ooVuI hashlbas kOl suulsuw kara her- Tuva hir iyi iish dort hesh on ooVoglu hash khol sugh kara her- Asian plateau of Mongolia allowed pastoral nomads to reach the upper.

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