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By William M. Schniedewind

A Primer on Ugaritic is an creation to the language of the traditional urban of Ugarit, a urban that flourished within the moment millennium BCE at the Lebanese coast, put within the context of the tradition, literature, and faith of this old Semitic tradition. The Ugaritic language and literature used to be a precursor to Canaanite and serves as considered one of our most vital assets for realizing the previous testomony and the Hebrew language. unique emphasis is put on contextualization of the Ugartic language and comparability to historical Hebrew in addition to Akkadian.

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Ca. ca. ca. 5 The Last Kings of Ugarit8 In 1350 BCE, the king of Hatti, Suppiluliuma, conquered the kingdom of Mitanni. At this time, Ugarit also became a vassal of the Hittite kingdom (PRU 4, 37–52). Ugarit paid heavy tribute to the Hittites and, in return, Ugarit was allowed freedom to develop as a commercial center. 2). The Hittite ruler at Carchemish served as the intermediary between the Hittite overlords and the rulers in Ugarit. Hittite merchants were given special status at Ugarit, including exemptions from customs duties.

Older drawings and textbooks often have given slightly inaccurate forms or less common forms of certain letters as the standard form. For example, the standard form for the letter t in most textbooks and many drawings is A, even though it usually looks more like the shape i, which is used in this book. Likewise, the letter { is often shown as O in many textbooks and drawings, but more often it appears as o. D. thesis, Harvard University, 2002). 3 Transliteration }a }i }u b g d d h w English Equivalent a as in apple i as in ice u as in put b g d th as in the h w 39 Syllabic Cuneiform a i u be ga di uíé wa z z zi h h˙ t z y k l m n s sì { gí p s q r sû t t h as in ha!

Ps 2:7) and in one place called }elohim (Ps 45:6). The dead king had the title rpu mlk {lm, “Rapiu, the eternal king,” which is suggestive of a cult of the ancestors. The Rapiuma (cp. 10 The commercial wealth of Ugarit, especially in the late second millennium, was reflected in the size and opulence of the royal palace. When the ruler of Byblos, for example, wished to describe the grandeur of his own palace, he compared it to Ugarit (EA 89:51). 5). Members of the king’s clan exercised control in 10 Note that in ancient Israel, the dead kings had funerary pyres burned for them in the valley of Rephaim, just to the west of Jerusalem (2Chr 16:14; 21:19), which may suggest that some of these royal rituals and theology were also current in southern Canaan.

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