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We clamber up on it with the help of a chair, but the moment we reach the very peak the mountain collapses 49 A RUSSIAN CHILDHOOD under us, and we're buried under a soft sea of down. This gives us enormous amusement. No sooner do I think of our nursery than immediately, by an inescapable chain of associations, I begin to perceive a certain smell. It is a mixture of incense, low-grade oil, May balsam, and the smoke from a tallow candle. It has been a long time since I have had occasion to smell that special smell.

VIP, 363). Her misgivings as to her competence to carry out her duties proved groundless. She was a natural teacher and had an enormous success, although she lectured in the abstruse and difficult area of her own specialty. Her lectures were given in German for the first year only; after that, in Swedish. In July of 1884, six months after her first lecture, she received her official appointment as Professor of Mathematics for a five-year period; she became an editor of the influential journal Acta Mathematica that same year, was given an additional appointment to the Chair of Mechanics in 1885, and a life appointment in mathematics in 1889.

The smell of incense from the priest's censer. A crowd of people is coming out of church. My nanny is leading me by the hand down from the church porch, solicitously shielding me from being jostled. " she incessantly entreats the people crowding around us. At the church exit an acquaintance of Nanny's wearing a long cassock (a deacon or sexton, probably) comes up to us and offers her the Communion wafer. "Eat it in good health, lady," he says to her. And then he turns to me. "And you, my clever little one.

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