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60 Whether it was precisely what he intended, he unavoidably became Hitler’s proxy in Czechoslovakia, the instrument of a design larger than himself. Yet, always the British gentleman in London, Henlein invariably made a good impression there. W. Bruegel, Czechoslovakia Before Munich: The German Minority Problem and British Appeasement Policy (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1973). Radom´ır Luˇza was a former Czech citizen whose father, General Vojtˇech Luˇza, perished in the resistance during the war.

Lungu, Romania and the Great Powers, 1933–1940 (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1989), 33. Two of the members of the Little Entente, Romania and Yugoslavia, joined in 1934 with Greece and Turkey to form the Balkan Entente, the substance of which was a mutual guarantee of the Balkan frontiers of the member states, especially against Bulgaria. ´ am, “Documents relatifs a` la politique étrang`ere de la Hongrie dans la période de la crise Magda Ad´ tchécoslovaque (1936–1939),” Acta historica Academiae scientiarum Hungaricae 10 (1964), 89.

The confidence of Masaryk had given Beneˇs confidence, a great deal of it, and under Masaryk’s wing, Beneˇs had served as foreign minister of the republic from 1919 to 1935. When Masaryk surrendered to old age and resigned the presidency in 1935, he designated, virtually ordained, Beneˇs as his successor, and Beneˇs was duly elected. Beneˇs’s strong suit, however, remained foreign policy, and that is precisely the area in which he was about to be tested. Beneˇs was a good deal of a lone wolf. In unusual circumstances, he became an indispensable lieutenant to the enormously prestigious Masaryk.

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