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By Jim Norwine (auth.), Jim Norwine (eds.)

In this booklet, a world crew of environmental and social scientists clarify strong present change-engines and the way their results, and our responses to them, will remodel Earth and humankind into the 22nd-century (c.2100).

This ebook starts by means of detailing the present country of data approximately those ongoing, accelerating and in all probability world-transforming adjustments: weather swap, within the type of international warming, and a profound rising shift of normative cultural situation towards the assumptions and values usually linked to so-called postmodernity, reminiscent of tolerance, variety, self-referentiality, and dubiety changed with walk in the park. subsequent, the individuals think, clarify and debate the main most likely consequent differences of human and traditional ecologies and economies that may occur through the tip of the 21st-century.

In sixteen compellingly unique, provocative and readable chapters, A global after weather switch and Culture-Shift provides a extraordinary imaginative and prescient of our present age as a “hinge” or axial century, one pushed through the main radical mixed swap of nature and tradition because the upward push of agriculture on the finish of the final Ice Age a few 10 millennia in the past. This ebook is extremely prompt to students and scholars of the environmental and social sciences, in addition to to all readers attracted to how alterations in nature and tradition will interact to reshape our international and ourselves.

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Escapism is the fourth attitude to estrangement, angst, or alienation. Now often described as consumerism, this attitude was first identified by Pascal in the seventeenth century. Eric Voegelin summarizes Pascal’s argument this way: “When passion subsides, the experience of a fundamental emptiness and metaphysical forlornness emerges unobscured, the anxiety of existence springs up crying to be 22 J. M. Smith assuaged, and the ordinary method of assuaging anxiety is diversion by new activity” (Voegelin 1975).

Death appears as neither object nor subject, but as the negation of both; and in our apprehension of death, we apprehend something utterly alien. I at least resemble other objects and subjects, and in the world of objects and subjects, it certainly appears that I am, but in the face of death, I discern no likeness because death appears as that which (presently) I am not. These are assuredly deep and murky waters, but since phenomenology is a science of surfaces, there is no need for us to plumb their profundities or chart their currents.

We also have pretty reliable estimates of other response variables, such as precipitation in regions worldwide. Equally important, we have measures of the primary drivers of climate change. Since we have both the input and output variables, we are in position to eliminate some pesky candidates for the cause of the warming over the last 50 years. For example, by the use of earth orbiting satellites, we now have been measuring the solar brightness from platforms at levels outside the earth’s atmosphere.

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