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By Henry A. Kissinger

The Napoleonic Wars have been by way of a nearly unparalleled century of political balance. an international Restored analyses the alliances shaped and treaties signed by means of the world's leaders in the course of the years 1812 to 1822, focussing at the personalities of the 2 major negotiators: Viscount Castlereagh, the British overseas secretary, and Prince von Metter- nich, his Austrian counterpart. Henry Kissinger explains how the turbulent courting among those males, the differing matters in their respective international locations and the altering nature of international relations all motivated the ultimate form of the peace. initially released in 1957.

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It was only appropriate, therefore, that Castlereagh should attempt to animate the Continental powers by giving British objectives their most inclusive formulation and that he should go back to his great mentor, Pitt, for inspiration. Pitt, in 1804, had confronted a situation not dissimilar to Castlereagh's in 1813. Then, as in 1813, Europe was striving to restore its equilibrium against attempted universal domination, although the nature of the threat was not yet generally understood and the illusion of the possibility of separate accommo dation persisted.

Few individuals have left behind them such a paucity of personal reminiscences. Icy and reserved, Castlereagh walked his solitary path, as humanly un approachable as his policy came to be incomprehensible to the majority of his countrymen. It was said of him that he was like a splendid summit of polished frost, icy, beautiful, aloof, of a stature that nobody could reach and few would care to. It was not until his tragic death that the world was to learn the price of solitude. Yet as a symbol of the British experience Castlereagh could hardly have been more appropriate.

Alliance with France was out of the question, for it would undermine the source of Austrian strength, its claim to moral superiority, while neutrality would incur the hostility of Russia without obtaining the friendship of France. 2 A series 1 See of paradoxes may be intriguing for the philosopher but n, p. 411. P. n, 410f. THE CONTINENTAL STATESMAN 23 for the latter must not only them. An alliance with Russia might lead to but resolve contemplate the defeat of Napoleon, but it might also cause the brunt of the war to fall on Austria and end with another Russian betrayal.

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