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By Robert Gardner,Thomas R. Rybolt,Leah M. Rybolt, et al.Enslow Publishers Inc.|Enslow Publishers, Inc.||Juvenile NonfictionScienceLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 02.01.2014Street date: 02.01.2014

How do your eardrums paintings? Can scent molecules go through an exceptional an identical method they go through air? How does your feel of scent have an effect on how anything tastes? research the solutions to those questions and extra with the thrill lifestyles technological know-how experiments during this e-book. younger scientists will discover the 5 human senses. know about the medical process utilizing the numerous experiments during this ebook. There also are principles for technology reasonable initiatives.

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The images will be clearer if you turn off lights in the room. Have a friend hold an index card against the end of a ruler (see Figure 2a). The card represents the retina of an eye. Move the lens back and forth along the ruler in front of the card. At some point, light passing through the lens will produce a clear, sharp image of a distant scene that you can see through the window. Is the image right-side-up or upside-down? When you have a sharp, clear image, what is the distance between the image on the card and the lens?

Both have a lens. Images in a camera form on film or on a digital sensor array at the back of the camera. In the eye, images fall on the retina. A camera has a shutter that opens to allow light to enter. The eye has an iris with an opening in its center (the pupil) through which light enters the eye. The interior of the eye is divided into two parts. The space in front of the lens is filled with a watery fluid called the aqueous humor. The larger space behind the lens contains a somewhat thicker liquid known as the vitreous humor.

Its head is attached to the anvil. The anvil, in turn, is attached to the stirrup. The base of the stirrup rests on the oval window, or fenestra vestibuli, which separates the middle ear from the inner ear, or labyrinth. The inner ear is a hollowed-out portion of the temporal bone. Within the labyrinth is a membrane, the membranous labyrinth, which encloses a fluid and which is itself encircled by another fluid that cushions the membrane from its bony surroundings, as shown in Figure 11b. The membranous labyrinth consists of a vestibule with two small sacs, the saccule and the utricle.

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