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The Long Reprieve369Notes385Index of Persons458Subject Index487 Illustrations appear as groups after pages 80 and 272 Page ix Preface The first light of dawn revealed the huddled, gray figures, chewing their cheap tobacco. Around them were the hills and valleys of Galicia, dotted with tree stumps and isolated wattle and thatch cottages, once so neat with their fences and orchards, but now unkempt and roofless. The hedgeless fields of wheat and rye looked equally forlorn, disfigured by the shallow, sinister zigzags of the trenches and the random gashes of shell craters.

The sword and the miracle were employed to persuade the Mordva to love Orthodoxy and pay taxes. Their place names were replaced by good Russian Orthodox ones, so the Vad became the Kérenka, and the settlement on it, Kérensk. Tsar Peter dragooned the lethargic Mordva and Russian nobility into European methods of fighting and accounting. Catherine the Great demanded higher standards of thought and manners. Napoleon's armies rekindled Russian patriotism on their way to the burning Kremlin, but his liberation of the serfs of East and Central Europe doomed Russia's antiquated social system.

He retaliated by refusing to take the principles of the pretty teenager seriously. Olya's family had a curious history, with some bearing on Kerensky's career. Her father was a successful soldier, who had spent a few enjoyable years in the glamorous Cuirassier Life Guard Regiment before assuming more significant but less expensive postings that made him a Major General by 1914. His marriage to the daughter of Academician V. P. Vasiliev, author of Russia's first Chinese and Manchu dictionaries, was not successful.

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