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This can be a facsimile replica of Noam Chomsky's iconic anti-war book.

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Rice Paddy Recon: A Marine Officer's Second Tour in Vietnam, 1968-1970

A tender U. S. Marine officer recounts his reviews of the Vietnam warfare over a nineteen month interval. He graphically describes what it was once prefer to practice 3 specific wrestle missions: long-range floor reconnaissance within the Annamite Mountains of I Corps, infantry operations within the rice paddies and mountains of Quang Nam Province and exact police operations for the CIA in Tay Ninh Province.

U.S. Marines in Vietnam: The war that would not end, 1971-1973

This can be the 8th quantity of a projected nine-volume background of Marine Corps operations within the Vietnam battle. A separate sensible sequence enhances the operational histories. This quantity info the actions of Marine Corps devices after the departure from Vietnam in 1971 of III Marine Amphibious strength, via to the 1973 ceasefire, and contains the go back of Marine prisoners of conflict from North Vietnam.

A Story of Vietnam

As a expert of Southeast Asian background, i'm usually requested to introduce a booklet that will relate the background of Vietnam, from its beginnings to the current. As usually, i'm embarrassed to reply to that there's no such e-book written in English. In influence, even though we've got many courses that deal safely with specific classes or systematically with varied themes of its prior, a accomplished historical past of Vietnam remains to be missing.

Lockheed A-12: The CIA's Blackbird and other variants

Throughout the early years of the chilly struggle, the simplest solution to assemble strategic intelligence in regards to the Soviet Union and its allies used to be manned overflight. Lockheed's U-2 used to be spectacularly profitable during this function. a lot to the fear of President Eisenhower, its form intended that it can be tracked on Russian radars.

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The problem, in short, is one of communication. For this objective scholar, there is no question of our right to "transfer innovations and institutions to the Vietnamese," by force if necessary, or of our superior insight into the needed innovations or appropriate institutions. In just the' same way, Lord Cornwallis understood the necessity of "transferring the institution" of a squirearchy to India-as any reasonable person could see, this was the only civilized form of social organization. " The "Communists" are the Vietminh and the NLF; among the "nationalists," he mentions specifically the VNQDD and the Dai Viet (and the military).

Thus, "confiscation of chickens, razing of houses, or destruction of villages have a place in counterinsurgency efforts, but only if they are done for a strong reason: namely, to penalize those who have assisted the insurgents. . " Furthermore, it must be noted that "policies that would increase rural income by raising food prices, or projects that would increase agricultural productivity through distribution of fertilizer or livestock, may be of negative value during an insurgency ... " The principle is to reward the villages that cooperate and to provide penalties for the behavior that the government is trying to discourage.

I am indebted to Paul Potter, Andre Schlffrin, and William Watson for very helpful comments. " Senator Fulbright has developed a similar theme in an important and percE'ptive speech. " Specifically, he refers to the failure of the social scientists, "who ought to be acting as responsible and independent critics of the Government's policies," but who instead become the agents of these policies. " The extent of this betrayal might be argued; its existence, as a threatening tendency, is hardly in doubt.

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