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By Ian Dore, Claus Frimodt (auth.)

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There are about 90 to 100 calories in 3% ounces (100 grams) of shrimp. For further information, see Seafood Nutrition, published by Osprey Books. P&D Peeled and deveined shrimp. See MarketForms. PACKS AND PACKING Almost all green headless shrimp and block frozen peeled and p&d shrimp are packed in 5lb and 2kg blocks, 6, 8, or 10 to the master carton. The standard pack is 10 boxes of 5lb each or 10 boxes each of 2kg. Small quantities of headless shrimp are packed in 2lb blocks for retail sale. F.

The number and location of these teeth may aid identification. See Anatomy; and Chapter Two. SODIUM TRIPOLYPHOSPHATE See Dips. SPECIES A distinct type of organism. le only with its own kind, not with members of any other species. Scientists debate exact definitions. TELSON See Anatomy. The telson is the sharp pointed piece on the last segment, above the tail fin. SPINES Many species of shrimp have spines on the carapace, named for the adjacent internal organs. For example, the hepatic spine is by the liver.

Holthuis as final. Where you may still find other scientific names being used commercially, we have tried to mention this in the section on that shrimp. A. to a small penaeid species from the Atlantic, Xiphoperweus kroyeri. The species is of major importance for peeling and for canning. See Chapter Four. SEGMENTS See Anatomy. SHIGELLA DYSENTERIAE A bacillus that causes dysentery. SHRIMP OR PRAWN? See Prawn. S. GRADE STANDARDS SIZE CLASSIFICATIONS See Counts. TEETH Saw-like protrusions on the rostrum and crest of many shrimp species.

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