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By Sarah Mlynowski

Gabby Wolf has pretty well, most definitely (this close!) make a decision: She's buying and selling in Phoenix (nice yet uneventful existence with boyfriend) for long island (dream task as manufacturer for hugely winning information show). Then Cam swoops in and offers her a gleaming engagement ring, making her determination much more very unlikely. Husband vs. occupation. Vera Wang marriage ceremony costume vs. horny first-date clothes. Planting roots in Phoenix vs. enjoying the sphere in new york

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In my dreamworld, I snuggle up close to him. Mmm…feels so nice. That’s it. I’m going to wake up and call him. Cancel my move. Get married. He’ll take me back. Of course he will! I’m entitled to twenty-four hours to change my mind, am I not? I must wake up and call him immediately. Now. Wake up. Come on, you can do it! Wake up! I have to pee. I hate when I have to pee in dreams. That means I have to pee in real life. I’m always concerned that I will pee all over my bed. Now open your damn eyes! What’s wrong with you, you lazy ass?

I wanted to ask since when, but my mouth was still annoyingly uncooperative. I smiled, no easy feat with frozen lips. “And I don’t want to lose you,” he continued, oblivious to my condition. ” So he’d said. I smiled (sort of) again. I never would have pegged Cam as one of those lame-ass romantic-comedy run-to-the-airport-gate-with-flowers-to-catch-the-girl-before-she-flies-out-of-his-life guys, but what did I know? I yanked my eyes away from the sparkling diamond, up to Cam’s soft lips, to the slither of a space between his two front teeth that had made me realize way back when that he wasn’t perfect, made me realize he was a man—not just a guy with adorable curly blond hair, not just a guy who had the answer for everything, but someone with flaws (like me), someone I could fall in love with.

Not. ” asks Alice as she refills the (yes, orange) potato-salad bowl. “I know how much Arizona girls love a May wedding. ” Blair got married on May fourth. Alice got married on May thirteenth. ” Um, we’ve been engaged for less than ten hours? Can I have some time to breathe, please? “I told Cammy that he should have proposed months ago,” she continues. “So we’d have more time to plan, but did he listen to me? Does he ever? No. ” “Mom, six months will be plenty,” Cam says. Hello? Have we picked May?

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